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Psychological Drama Suspense, Amnesia Women's Fiction, Contemporary Woman Finding Love
Small Town Romance, Mystery Thriller Female Protagonist, Tortured Dreams, Self-Discovery Novel Women's, Romantic Suspense


REVIEWS - 5 Stars

December 28, 2017

I loved this story. Ms. Brennan did a wonderful job of balancing mystery, suspense, and romance. Harriet is a sympathetic main character with hopes and fears a lot of us in the world can identify with. She's strong but vulnerable, and it makes her all the more likable as we tag along on her suspenseful path to protect her friend. I recommend this book for adult readers who like a good mystery and don't mind falling in love along the way. ~R


December 20, 2017

Loved this book! A lead character you really root for. Couldn't put it down. ~AC


December 21, 2017

Love the descriptive phrases and perfect use of loaded words.....a bit of intrigue and a compelling read. Recommend this book. ~PM


December 21, 2017

Love this book. The story was riveting and I found it difficult to stop reading, even for household duties. Harriett is a perfect example of how, in spite of adversities in life, and with much perseverance, a person can attain her dreams of a better life. I strongly recommend this book to my family and friends. Very enjoyable reading. ~DS


December 15, 2017

What an interesting life journey of overcoming obstacles, growth, self-acceptance and love. Dreams do come true....never doubt! ~LT